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Dzibilchatun – Yucatan Live It!


Considered to be one of the oldest Mayan cities, its name means “The place where there is wirtting in flat stones” Dzibilchatun has its own charms, since it has a Franciscan chapel of the XVI Century in the middle of the Mayan city.

The archaeo-astronomical phenomenon of the equinox occurs in Dzibilchatun, when the main door of the Temple of the Sevel Dools is illuminiated with the low of the sun that appears on the horizon, at one point, a flashlight disk is shown at the center of the door and creates a spectable of light and shadow on the west facade. On March 21 and September 21 we may observe the equinos, this is one of the most important temples in the area,

Another characteristic of Dzibilchatun is the cenote. It has a touristic center that offers the services of a restaurant, crafts and information booth. It is located in km 14 of the Merida-Progreso highway

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