Festival de Musica Barroca San Miguel de Allende

Baroque Music Festival
Festival de Musica Barroca

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Costa Rica – La Pura Vida

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America, is a small country with great tourism potential and is rated as one of the most visited international destinations.

The country covers 0.03% of the planet’s surface, but has the great privilege of being the habitat of 6% of the existing biodiversity worldwide. 25.58% of its territory is protected in various forms of conservation.

Costa Rica
also offers an excellent setting for investment and the establishment of important international companies, thanks to its renowned academic standards, good standard of modern services and social and political stability.

Costa Rican culture is a reflection of the mixture of races that exist in the country. Their greatest influence comes from Europe, which is reflected in every aspect of their culture such as their official language which is Spanish-, architecture of churches and other historic buildings.

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This journey begins in Puerto Montt (Chile) and ends in Bariloche (Argentina). It has a beautiful scenic drive, through buses and catamarans with different lakes located in the Andes between Chile and Argentina.

It is an amazing experience, and only those who have lived it can appreciate it’s the real magnitude.

During the tour you get to visit the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park that merges into the Petrohue River breaks. They are rock formations that colorize the river drops in an attractive bluish green, with a backdrop of the Volcano Osorno and its snowy peak.


You can take a boat on the Lago de Todos los Santos, in these crystalline waters you can see the home of the Lakes Crossing franchise owner, one of the wealthiest families in Chile. After an hour and a half down the stream you get to Puerto de Peulla.

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Esta excursión nace en Puerto Montt (Chile) y su destino final es Bariloche (Argentina), o viceversa. Consta de un bello paseo escénico, que se recorre entre autobuses y catamaranes a través de distintos lagos ubicados en la cordillera de Los Andes entre Chile y Argentina.

Es una experiencia bellísima y que sólo los que la han vivido podrán apreciar en su real magnitud.

Durante el recorrido se visita el Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales y se ingresa a los saltos del Río Petrohué. Son formaciones rocosas que hacen que el río caiga mostrando coloraciones verdes y azules muy vistosas, además del fondo con el Volcán Osorno y su punta nevada.

Se toma una embarcación en el Lago de Todos los Santos, en este lago de aguas cristalinas se encuentra la casa privada del dueño de la franquicia del Cruce de Lagos, una da las familias más acaudaladas de Chile. Tras hora y media de viaje se llega al Puerto de Peulla.

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